GamiPress is the easiest way to gamify your WordPress website in just a few minutes, letting you award your users with digital rewards for interacting with your site.

Easily define the achievements, organize requirements, and choose from a range of assessment options to determine whether each task or requirement has been successfully achieved.

GamiPress is extremely powerful and infinitely extensible.

Many ways to define how to award the different points and achievements

Site activity (triggers based on publishing posts and pages, commenting, daily visits or logging in to your site).
Completing specific other achievements, once or a specified number of times.
Completing one or all achievements of a specified type.
Points thresholds.
Admin awarded achievements.

Unlimited number of Points Types

Create as many types of points as you like.
Name your custom types whatever you wish (Credits, Gems, Coins, etc).
Easily define how automatically your users will earn points using the ‘Points Awards’ tool.
Management of each user points wallet.

Unlimited number of Achievements Types

Create as many types of achievement as you like.
Name your custom types whatever you wish (Quests, Badges, etc).
Easily define how they relate to one another using the ‘Required Steps’ tool.
Set default images for each achievement type or select unique images for every achievement item.

Drag and drop controls

Simple yet powerful admin interface for defining the “Required Steps” for any achievement.
Easily link together one or more triggers, steps or actions into the conditions needed to earn an achievement.
Limit by period of time in which the user can complete a requirement (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly).

Reward user progress

Issue digital rewards for any combination of achievements.
Award points for commenting, logging in, visiting or completing any combination of tasks.
Display a congratulatory message, customizable per achievement, on each achievement page.

Log everything

Flexible log system with support for public and private logs.
Display the latest logs anywhere on your site for all users or a specific one.

Widgets, Shortcodes and Shortcode Embedder

Multiple options and parameters for each widget or shortcode for greater flexibility.
Live shortcode embedder appears in the toolbar of all WordPress content editor areas, allowing you to transform any page or post into part of your gamification system without referencing any of the shortcodes.
Shortcode to integrate specific available achievements into any post or page of your site.
Integrated shortcode documentation within the plugin menu.
Just activate GamiPress and place simple shortcodes on any page or post, and you’ve got a gamification system running on your WordPress site!

Theme Agnostic

GamiPress works with just about any standard WordPress theme.
No special hooks or theme updates are needed.
Overwritable templates system to allow you customize everything you want through your GamiPress theme folder.
Turn any page or post into a way to display available achievements, earned points or latest logs and for users to track their progress.

Powerful add-ons to extend GamiPress

  • Restrict Content – Limit access to any post or page based on GamiPress interactions.
  • Notifications – Instantly notify of achievements, steps, points awards and/or ranks completion to your users.
  • Progress Maps – Add interactive achievements progress maps to your site.
  • Progress – Attractively show to your users their progress of completion of any achievement.
  • Leaderboards – Add leaderboards to intensify the gamification of your site.
  • Social Share – Award your users for sharing your website content on social networks.
  • Easy Digital Downloads Discounts – Award discounts for achievement completion on Easy Digital Downloads.
  • WooCommerce Discounts – Award discounts for achievement completion on WooCommerce.