Search input options

Search input

Enable by default
From this setting you can enable infinite scrolling to all [downloads] and [edd_downloads] from the entire site. Although this setting is on, you can overwrite it by setting the parameter infinite_scrolling="no".

Pagination type
Set the default infinite_scrolling_pagination parameter to all [downloads] and [edd_downloads] shortcodes (you can override this option setting a new value to any shortcode you want).


Style options

Style options

Disable style
Checking this option will stop enqueue plugin CSS resources.

Force style
Checking this option will force plugin CSS rules setting them with a !important.


Infinite Scrolling

End text

End text

End text
Text to return on last page.


Animations options


Entrance animation
From this setting you can set the entrance animation for new loaded content. You can preview how it will look just clicking “Animate it” button.

Space of time in which the animation between the loaded elements will be reproduced (in milliseconds).

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